Young Gardeners of the Year competition at the 2017 Ideal Home Show

Check out our design for this year’s Young Gardeners of the Year competition at the 2017 Ideal Home Show.

The garden is designed to inspire the homeowners and passers-by on what can be achieved in the front garden of a home.

By removing the physical boundary (front wall, fence or garden gate) this opens up our urban front gardens both visually and physically to the pedestrian passers-by. The fence panels create an open airy feel that reduces visual impact of a boundary allowing rainwater and air to pass through unimpeded.

The key central copper curve is based upon inspiration from the ‘Golden Section Spiral’ designed to draw you through the garden on a journey to the front door.

The clever use of a staggered pathway gives the illusion that the garden is wider and is also interplanted creating rhythm and movement whilst also softening the edges.

One side of the linear paving is staggered whilst the other side flows along the sensuous curvature of the spiral copper wall which reflect light and brightens up the garden creating a spectacular welcome home – a metaphor for the contrasting combination of the hard concrete urban jungle and the free flowing nature of the planting.

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