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As part of the Conservation Biology unit, the 2nd year Animal Management and Zoology degree students have been developing their surveying methods conducting surveys on a range of species. Today they were assessing the invertebrate population using the ‘Bush Beating’ method! Fully equipped with beating trays, microscopes, identification sheets students were surveying all afternoon.

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Capel Manor College are delighted to achieve a prestigious Gold award for their unique ‘Fifty Shades of Gold’ exhibit and a Silver award for their ‘Wild Garden’ floral arch display at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

The ‘Fifty Shades of Gold’ exhibit was designed to celebrate Capel Manor College’s 50th Golden Anniversary, exploring the science behind the colour yellow, why it evolved in the plant world and what is means to gardeners and plant breeders. The exhibit tells the story of the science and natural history though 50 different plants with gold leaves or gold flowers that express some of the richness and variety of gold in the natural world and in our gardens.

National Garden Centre and Plant Sales Manager at Capel Manor College, Julie Dowbiggin, led a team of apprentices and gardeners to Gold with the beautiful and inspiring ‘Fifty Shades of Gold’ exhibit. Julie said: “Winning gold on our 50th year is wonderful, we’re thrilled! To showcase the College’s 50 year golden history, we decided to look at yellow plants and pigments in the plant kingdom. The exhibit has been well received by the show visitors as well as the judge and our exhibit is proving successful for the College with the potential recruitment of new students and new visitors to our lovely gardens in Enfield.”

In addition, Capel’s Level 4 Higher Diploma Floristry students received Silver in the RHS Chelsea Future Florist Competition, for their stunning ‘Wild Garden’ floral arch display. It is the first ever time the students had competed and they were asked to submit design ideas for this year’s show as part of an internal college competition. Their brief: to create a floral wedding arch for a spring wedding. The final design of a ‘Wild Garden’ arch was inspired by nature, using a woodland theme with blue, lilac, purple and white flowers and foliage.

Wild Garden floral arch display

Chair of the Capel Manor Governing Body, Roger McClure, explains: “Winning Gold and Silver awards at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is a significant achievement for Capel Manor College and a result of a long period of planning and hard work by a team of staff and students. I’d like to extend a special thank you to all those directly involved. As a College, we’re delighted to continue showcasing the incredible talent of our students at prestigious events such as the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.”

Principal, Malcolm Goodwin added: “This success is a credit to the whole College. The students and staff have put in an incredible amount of time, effort, passion and skill into their winning entries and richly deserve this recognition. It goes to show that embarking on a new career in Floristry, Horticulture or any of the subjects we teach can not only be rewarding but bring success at the highest levels.”

The ’Fifty Shades of Gold’ exhibit and ‘Wild Garden’ floral arch display will remain at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, until 26 May 2018.

If you can’t make the Chelsea event, you can visit Capel Manor Gardens in Bullsmoor Lane, Enfield where the College intends to create a permanent display garden based on the winning design for all to see as part of its 50th Golden Anniversary celebrations planned for later in the year.

For further information visit the College website www.capel.ac.uk or the Gardens website www.capelmanorgardens.co.uk

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What gives flowers and leaves their colour? Learn more about Capel Manor’s GOLD MEDAL winning exhibit ‘Fifty Shades of Gold’ at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show here.


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Animal Care staff creance flying one of our resident barn owls this afternoon, as part of our weekend Capel’s Creatures talks for visitors to the gardens at Enfield.

A big thank you to Perry and Jemma.

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Check out the amazing detail of these bridles which have been made by our talented second year saddlery students.

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Did you see Capel Manor College’s Floristry Team Leader, Claire Curtis on Sky News?

She was speaking to a Sky News journalist on the meaning of the flowers that may feature in the floral arrangements being created for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming wedding in May!

Claire, spoke about white roses representing purity and innocence, with fox gloves signifying stateliness and peonies, bashfulness.

Media interest was generated in reaction to the announcement that Prince Harry and Meghan had chosen Philippa Craddock as their wedding florist. Philippa is known for using locally sourced, sustainable flowers and foliage, the majority of the flowers will be especially selected from Royal Parks and Gardens.

To find out more about floristry courses at Capel Manor College, visit www.capel.ac.uk.

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